Hernia Repair

What is a hernia? 
A hernia is a defect in the muscular wall.  The defect or “hole” allows internal structures (intestines, fat) to protrude through the wall.
What causes a hernia? 
Most hernias are the result of a congenitally weak or enlarged natural opening.  Others like incisional hernias are caused by a weakening of the abdominal wall after a prior abdominal surgery.
Is having a hernia life threatening? 
Rarely.  Bowel or other organs may become entrapped in the hernia.  This may cause strangulation and interference with blood flow or bowel obstruction.  These complications are potentially serious, but are relatively uncommon.
Do I need surgery? 
Many people with hernias benefit from surgical repair.  Some hernias are so small that surgery is not necessary.
What is involved in the surgery process?
There are many types of hernias.  There are multiple types of hernia repairs.  The specific approach depends on the individual patient and the surgeon’s preferences.
What can I do or not do after surgery? 
Dr. Schlotter usually restricts the patient from strenuous activity and heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks and encourages routine activity such as walking and going up and down stairs.

How much does a hernia repair cost? 
This is difficult to answer.  Does the patient have insurance and what benefits does the patient have?  Is the facility in or out of network with the insurance.  What type of hernia the patient has or will it be repaired in an outpatient or inpatient facility?  All these affect the cost and is impossible to give an answer in general terms.

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